Taking Action For Your Health

Research-based Prevention for Independent Thinkers 

Got 15 minutes?

I lead a “TAFYH” (we call it “Taffy”) project on a regular basis.

Daily science-based action steps for your health.

Imagine one member of each family taking part in the TAFYH project!

They would be equipped to confidently tackle most health issues, be they headaches, ‘flu, arthritis, jetlag or cancer.


NEXT “TAFYH” (“Taffy”) project STARTS Fall/Winter 2013

Limited to 6 participants per group.
Format: interactive teleconference
Time: 7:45-8:00 am PST daily, Monday-Friday
Duration: 6 weeks 

  • Daily interaction
  • Daily accountability and commitments
  • Daily educational presentations
  • Daily script e-mailed after each call.

Yes! All in 15 minutes a day!