6-Weeks to Better Health Habits

This is a program to help you Take Action For Your Health.  

It works as follows:

This is 6-week interactive project that is an invaluable tool for taking personal responsibility for one’s health. 

If one member of each family participates in it the whole family will benefit, as there will be prevention and solutions for health issues that affect us frequently.  All material is research-based.

Assignments will be done each day, so there should be no backlog.

There will be opportunities for mutual support every day. 

Attendance at TAFYH will be limited to 6 participants at a time, as it will operate much like a mastermind.  Higher numbers will compromise the interactive nature of the sessions.  Where higher numbers occur, a second course will be set up.

  1. It is a wide-ranging course that address contemporary health issues that affect us all, with programs adapted to different conditions.  All practical, no guesswork.
  2. Attendees will undergo some of the protocols to experience the benefits for themselves. 
  3. Course notes will be sent to attendees after each lesson.
  4. Daily homework will be assigned and there will be a sharing of accountability at the start of each day.  
  5. There will be a daily assignment commitment each day
  6. Classes are limited to 6 participants because of the interaction required.  
  7. Lessons run daily, Monday to Friday.
  8. Each lesson runs for 15 minutes in the morning, e.g. at 7:45-8:00 am, so everyone gets it done before starting their business day, depending on their Time Zones. 
  9. An invaluable health evaluation questionnaire will be given to each participant to start using on themselves, as well as on their clients during the course.   Coaches will find this very useful when they see clients both in person and on-line. 
  10. TAFYH is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take their health into their own hands by using solely natural remedies—proven, effective ones.
  11. I will offer a more advanced course subsequently to give participants a chance to field-test what they have learnt with their family or clients.  Health Coaches will find this an invaluable tool for dealing with their clients’ health concerns, whatever they may entail.
  12. High-quality Herbals for the various procedures will be purchased as the course progresses.  Participants will discover why these products are used as opposed to any others, and what the products are capable of achieving. 
  13. Each participant will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that what others mention about their health will stay in the circle of 6. 

The material imparted herein is not designed to replace consultations with a qualified Health Care Practitioner.  Participants are at liberty to implement the content of this project as their  discretion dictates.