About Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. is a certified professional Health Coach and educator with the expertise and experience to help her clients reach and sustain optimal health and weight.

Success in international business calls for an optimal level of energy in the workplace, and it is crucial to be able to juggle the stress of deadlines, hurried meals and three-o’clock energy dips.

When you know the fuel you’re using to power your body is toxin-free, when your posture maximizes your lung capacity, and your stamina is at an even keel throughout the workday, you can address the unexpected more incisively.

Jacquelyn works with men and women in corporate settings who are ready to regain health, vitality and self-esteem while managing issues of weight control/loss, disease prevention, and/or systematically overcoming cancer or diabetes.

And…she’s talking from EXPERIENCE. 

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