Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual

Written by Donna Roth B.A., B.Ed., MH.

In this book Donna Roth lays out a carefully-planned program for the healing of cancer, based on years of solid scientific evidence from renowned doctors and Nobel Prize winners. The research on Paw Paw and its role in destroying cancer cells by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin is central to this program.

With one in two men and one in three women being diagnosed with cancer, this is urgent information for anyone who breathes.

Donna decided to take on the study of cancer in 1993, when her Mom passed away from the disease. One thing she knew: the answer to cancer would not come from conventional practices. This book came as a result of years of delving into multiple scientific publications.

With over 20 years of research behind it, Paw Paw has been the life’s work of Professor Jerry McLaughlin of Purdue University, Indiana. Dr. McLaughlin isolated substances called Acetogenins from the North American Paw Paw tree, finding them strikingly effective in the destruction of cancer cells.

Coupled with this, Canadian teacher Ron Gdansky uncovered a simple, common-sense explanation for cancer after twenty years of meticulous research into its causes.

In this book Donna has blended Dr. McLauglin and Ron Gdanski’s work with over a century of scientific discoveries by eminences like Dr. Zeigler, 1903, to Nobel Laureates like Otto Warburg, 1931, and Linus Pauing, 1954.

Best of all, this manual is simply an effective one-stop-shopping companion for anyone wishing to overcome their cancer or any other diseased condition, by addressing its causes and providing a practical solution.

If you or a loved one is overwhelmed by the volume of offerings out there for non-allopathic approaches to cancer, this book will enlighten you. The success stories in it speak for themselves, as do the people you can contact to hear the story from the horse’s mouth. Yours it is to decide which road to follow. But do take a look. The contents will not be like most things you’ll read on cancer. It has saved the life of many. The next one might be yours.

If you or a loved one are facing a cancer diagnosis, don’t leave any stone unturned.

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