Water Babies

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M. Ed, Diabesity Coach

If you’ve been adding a glass of water per day since you read my blog a couple of days ago, kudos to you! The most FAQ I get is “Do I have to drink 8 glasses a day?” And the answer is no, you don’t. 7½ will do.

I’m just kidding.

Don’t count the glasses. Just drink a glass every hour. And why, you ask.

Because the average North American diet is acidic, most of us are terribly dehydrated, highly toxic, under-exercised and dangerously diabetic. And I haven’t even mentioned obesity!

Those born in the years following the 2nd world war started enjoying a prosperity boom that led to a greater availability of the foods that were scarce during the war. Unfortunately, the late ‘40’s and “50’s were also the years when acidic, processed foods, like TV dinners were popularized by the budding television culture. Maybe you were among them. Those were the years when genetic modification started.

All this coupled with highly processed acidic foods like meat, pasta, refined sugar, salt, sodas, food colouring and flavor enhancers, to name a few, led to the obesity epidemic we see every day. All of these foods leave toxic residues in the body, and without adequate water to help flush them out on a daily basis we have opened wide the door to the Big 5: cancer, heart disease and stroke, cancer, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. In fact, the Big 5 has now become the Big 7, with diabesity: the double burden of diabetes and obesity, and lung disease. No wonder our health care –or rather sick care systems are stretched to breaking point!

At the basis of all this is a highly acidic diet. What’s acidic? you may ask. Practically everything you’re eating, except maybe if you’re a vegetarian. An acidic body is the best breeding ground for any disease.

Your body’s pleading with your for hydration; if you wait till you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. It’s pleading for detoxification; if you wait till you’re parched the toxins will park themselves in your acidic fat cells, and your fat cells will find its favourite safe harbor in your mid-section. So be kind to your body; it’s a non-renewable resource.

When you hydrate, don’t add an extra job for your liver by putting in acidic colouring, caffeine and tannins of all sorts. Be kind to your body: keep destructive acids from flowing through you blood, your fluids, cells and tissues.

We are water babies, so keep your cells bathed.

Have a glass of alkaline H2O now!



Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
Professional Health Coach and Educator,
Solutions and Support for Optimal Health