Cancer Mystery?

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Have you ever met someone at the supermarket and have them tell you that their wife, husband, parent, aunt, uncle or child has (whispered) c-a-n-c-e-r?

Almost as if uttering the word in the same tone as the rest of the sentence would bring the disease upon the speaker.

Or have you had that phone call asking you to show up at the doctor’s office?  You’re then given your diagnosis: “You’ve got cancer” and, in the same breath, that you’ll have to start treatment ASAP.  No, you do not.

If you are told the three dreaded words bear in mind that it took a good decade for the condition to develop.  You do not have to rush into punishing treatments.  Take the time to ask questions.  Take the time to consider the merits of therapies that are not part of the usual allopathic model.

You (or a loved one) have time to pause, think, and realize that you do have choice.  Then find out what your options are.  I’ll be happy to go over them with you.

14 years ago, 4 of my colleagues at work had cancer.  All were in their prime and all were ushered into chemo and radiation straight away.  I saw them shrivel into anemic  shadows of their former selves, then die within months of starting chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries.  Bewildered, rushed and tragic.

The lump is not the cancer. It is the symptom of something else that needs to be taken care of.  If you can feel the lump, or if the machines can detect it, there is more mischief going on in the rest of your body.  This mischief needs to be dealt with, but without destroying your immune system.  The solution needs to strengthen your immune system at the same time.  It also needs to target the source of the cancer, not just the symptom.

Stay tuned.  The time has come. There are 21st –century solutions you can draw on.

Take courage: you can beat it.  Or rather tell cancer to.

Any questions, feel free to make an entry in the comment section.


Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. RCRT

Professional Health Coach and Speaker

Solutions and Support for Optimal Health

Richmond, B.C. Canada