Teen Saved!

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Did you read about the success story of the 15-year old boy who lost 30 pounds of his own accord? There was a full-page feature in the papers about it, with the news that weight loss, exercise and diet all helped him win his battle with Type 2 Diabetes. Now 15, the lad was just 14 when he was diagnosed following a struggle with obesity coupled with all the classic symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

He graduated from being an obese, sedentary, junk-food and pop consumer to a fit, gym-frequenting teen with realistic views on what high-glycemic food does to the growing body. The cookies he used to eat had 370 calories each.

From no breakfast to healthy meals with lots of fibre, the young man has taken 8 inches off his waist size in a single year. How’s that for waist management! He now no longer needs insulin shots, and has tamed his diabetes monster so effectively that he’s determined there will be no turning back.

Diabetes has become the most widespread epidemic in the world today. Compounded by the Diabesity factor, i.e. obesity leading to diabetes. The teen was lucky: unlike him, many obese youngsters with pre-diabetes do not exhibit any symptoms.

Imagine the shock when told of the diagnosis on a regular check-up at the doctor’s office. Well, actually, should there really be a shock? We have been warned that the number of obese children has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, and that the weight problem contributes to diabetes, becoming Diabesity.

Surely an overweight child can see himself in the mirror sometimes. The teasing and taunts that often spread in the school yard don’t do much for the child’s self-esteem either. Nor, for that matter, does parental denial. We now know that chubby is not necessarily cute: it may be the precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

Judging from some of the highly processed meals children often have at lunch, the all-pervasive pop and the availability of reheated food at the corner store, is it really surprising that childhood diabetes is on the rise? Is it surprising that we may be looking at the first generation who could well die before their parents, thanks to the weight factor alone? Did you have a fat kid in your class in elementary school? Was this child ever teased? Maybe you were that child? If so, how did you deal with it?

Are you aware that the incidence of diabetes will be going up by 50 % in the next fifteen years? Even in developing countries! Do we want to wait till our children are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes before making lifestyle changes—simple things like switching off the mesmerizing box and going outside for some exercise? Like cleaning out those kitchen cupboards? Like graduating from sugary drinks to plain, good ol’ water? Like having a deliciously healthy breakfast every day? Like getting to bed early enough so that getting up a little earlier for that delicious breakfast will be a pleasure and not a chore?

Do you have any suggestions for ensuring the children we are responsible for do not join the line-up for the daily insulin shots? You can let me know what you think by scrolling down to the comment section of this blog. Visit my website and download the free report giving you 10 Proven Reasons Why You Should Lose 20 Pounds now, and send friends there who could benefit from this information, or who might have family members or friends who need to keep Diabesity at bay now!

Here’s to a diabetes-free future!

Enjoy some time outdoors over the weekend.