Turkeyed Out?

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed

Have you broken the dessert record? Been on the scales today? I hope you had a great time with family and friends. And now the Day of Reckoning has come. How are the scales treating you?

At this time of year may people look in the mirror and wonder if they aren’t related to the guy in a red, fur-lined suit—shape-wise, that is. Don’t you wonder how he gets down those chimneys?

You wouldn’t happen to be one of them, by any chance? In a week the media will be full of reminders that this is the time to make new years’ resolutions. Yes, 2009 is just round the corner. Have you seen all the ads on TV that offer Diet A, Diet B and Diet C? Each one is the best, of course. Each one promises that you can have pasta and lasagna, chocolate and dessert. Each one tells you how easy it is: just get the pre-made meals and watch the pounds fall off.

You may be among those who want to believe this. After all, don’t we all know people who have been on these diets and gone down five sizes? Sure, and would you mind telling me how much they put back on after three months? Gym memberships have a way of shooting up in January and petering out by April. So are you a member of the Gung-Ho club, signing up in January, only to lose momentum by April? “How did that happen?” you ask. “I got one of those diets in January 2008, signed up for the Gym, lost 2 pounds, then life happened, and now I’m back to Square One”.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but if you’ve been doing this for a number of years, you’ll probably never see Square Two. There’s enough research out there telling us that 99% of people can’t do it on their own, can’t get to their target weight and stay there without some sort of accountability. And this accountability takes the form of a coach, a health coach who customizes a regimen for you that includes the nutrition you should be having, the exercise that fits your body type, and a host of other elements to be jigsawed into a plan for you to lose at least the first twenty pounds you’ve been struggling with. I invite you to visit my site and download that the free report giving you Ten Proven Reasons Why You Must Lose Twenty Pounds Now. You can leave your questions and comments on my blog before or after reading the report, or both. I look forward to hearing from you.

This would be a good week to think about what you want to do with those twenty pounds that could lead to Diabesity. You are welcome to call me for a free thirty-minute consultation.

Talk soon!

Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
Professional Health Coach and Educator