Cancer Beauty Treatment

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. RCRT, Cancer Coach

It was 14 years ago.  Stephanie called to tell me she was going to her “Look Good, Feel Better” appointment.  I asked what that was, never having heard the phrase before.  She told me she was going to be fitted for a couple of wigs, as her hair was falling out in bunches, and she would soon be totally bald.

I stood there, quite floored.

All that shining hair gone?  How did that happen?  It was then I first learned that it was what chemo did to you.  Not exactly the most exciting prospect for any woman.  And although Steph was quite upbeat about it, talking about the different hairstyles she could design anytime she wanted, I knew it was a wrench for her.  She was always so well turned out—lovely classic styles with a Montreal flair, perfectly matched earrings and shining shoulder-length blond tresses that swayed elegantly when she walked down the halls of the school we had both taught in for years.

Steph had cancer first in the psoas muscle.  Then it migrated to her kidneys, then it accompanied her to the memorial service.

Didn’t have to be that way.

Had I been able to offer her what I can now, Steph might still be dressing up in her famous Halloween costumes as the most elegant witch you ever saw, a scullery-maid with mop and bucket, or a slender bunny rabbit with giant sunglasses.

Had she known that cancer was not the tumour, that it was really a candida problem, that it could have been taken care of by natural means, in the same or less time than it took for her to undergo all those devastating treatments but without the side effects, she might still have been with us now, as are many who have gone the non-drug route.

Yes, it is good to get to the real source. If you have a cancer diagnosis there’s hope outside the box.  Real hope.  The hope that gets you back on your feet again, going about your daily affairs and living cancer-free. Not pottering around with just her wee doggie for company when her husband was away on his numerous business trips.

We have modern ways of dealing with the real sources of cancer−candida, parasites and injuries.  They include treating the person, not the cancer alone.  We are not a mere organism, we are a spirit, a body and mind all rolled into one.  Any successful approach has to address all three.  I’ve been working with one such approach, which I’ll tell you more about in future posts.

Do you know someone who is trying to live cancer-free?  Tell me the story: it could be a family member, a friend or a child you know.   How did it affect them?  Tell me.

Say cancer-free, OK?


Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. RCRT

Professional Health Coach and Speaker

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Richmond, B.C. Canada