Keep Me Cancer-Free!

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That’s entirely possible 

But you’ve been told you’re not exactly cancer-free you have a world of choice before you.  No need to rush into anything.  In most cases the cancer took a decade to develop.  Stay brave.  You’ll get there.  Think along with me. 

Now how does anyone stay cancer-free? In the absolute sense no one can say they know. But all things being equal, we can if we know how. 

Do the twin prongs of nutrition and air come to mind?  It seems most people get fortified this way.  I know I do.  What’s on a typical menu for you? And how often do you get outside for some exercise?  Takes a bit more than that, I know, and don’t worry, we’ll get to it.  How’s your breathing?

My friend Marshall tells me there’s no cancer in his family, so he’s safe. However, we all have cancer cells in the body.  They don’t show up in tests until they’re in the billions.  When your doctor tells you there are no cancer cells it simply means they can’t be detected in tests because there aren’t enough of them. 

Did you know?  Many of us get cancer once a week. When that happens and we’ve been eating and breathing properly the cancer is beaten.  Many of us beat it about seven times in a lifetime, often without a diagnosis.  Given the right nutrients, the body rises to the occasion.

You must be super-saturated with all the information out there about environmental toxins.  Our food supply has been compromised by early harvesting, genetic modification and soil overuse.  In the Middle Ages they used to let the soil rest every seven years.  Today we think we’re super smart with fertilizers and just keep ploughing them into the soil to artificially enrich it.  But Mother Nature needs a holiday too. 

Have you been out in the city streets in rush hour and inhaled the pungent fumes?  Fumes you might not have noticed include the ones given off silently by carpet glue, detergents, dishwashing fluid, and other cleaners.  Have you ever noticed the smell of the fumes coming out of the dishwasher once the powder gets heated up? 

We were never meant to inhale all this chemical output, and are ill-equipped to deal with the toxins that accompany it.  Nor can we remove them from the body fast enough.  Guess what all the dead cells do!  If we are overweight, we have two strikes against us: fat cells wrap themselves round the toxins and keep a disproportionate number of them in the body.  One fine day, the body protests—that’s when cancer takes over. 

Stay tuned: we’re going to show those unwanted lodgers the door!  

Know of any other lodgers?  Leave me a comment!