Cancer: Your Inner terrain

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.  RCRT.  Cancer coach.

“You’ve got Cancer” 

If you’ve read the previous post on cancer and your body’s terrain you will also know that an important part of the terrain is made of minerals. 

How does our body terrain get polluted enough to give us cancer?

You have seen pictures of major cities around the world engulfed in smog. There are children who can’t use the school playground on high-smog days because has a terrible effect on their asthma. Adults too—the fragile elderly can be are completely housebound for weeks because of smog.   Our darling pets are at risk too. 

When pollution gets into our lungs we sputter and cough, but still have trouble getting rid of all the irritation.  Leave it in the lungs long enough and we get cancer.   Smoke, and you’ll get it sooner.  Leave out exercise, and you’re a sitting duck.  Sure way to pollute the terrain.

Each cigarette pumps at least 4 thousand cancer-generating agents into our pink, rosy lungs.   Now the lungs work in partnership with the heart, so guess what else gets poisoned?

That’s just one instance of polluted terrain.  

So much for the outdoors.   The indoor enemies may be more subtle, but totally ready to pounce.   Paints, solvents, detergents, we inhale them all.  In the ‘eighties I actually changed schools, because the one I was teaching in was 72 years old, and had been built in an era where asbestos was routinely used.  I noticed that 99% of the teachers had never-ending colds, and one of them used to go outside 4 or 5 times a day just to breathe ,even when we were knee-deep in snow.  

With asbestos, your inner terrain’s at screaming point.

When you open a box of washing powder does it make you cough?  If it is, your body is telling you it doesn’t like the fumes.  Look around and see what else is polluting your inner terrain.

Did you consider electronic pollution?  Cell phones?  Bluetooths?  Do you have an electronic alarm clock a pillow’s length from your head?  Microwaves at face level?  How far are you from your TV when watching it?  From your radio?   Can you see telephone wires from your front door?   Does a building you work or live in have antennae on the roof?  Heaven help our inner terrain. 

Take a look round and you’ll spot as many sources of electronic pollution as you’ve seen here. 

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg.

Your thoughts?