Belly Dancing?

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M. Ed, Diabesity Coach

You’ve heard about portion distortion, and how it leads to waistline caution. You probably also know that you are what you eat. And drink

OK, OK, now that we’ve got the clichés out of the way maybe we can get into your reflection in the mirror. If you walk towards it and that jelly belly moves, it’s time for a lifestyle change. No mention of weight loss—simply a lifestyle change. You might be on your way to diabetes, or you might already be a candidate for a diabesity diagnosis.

Next, just to make sure, go stand with your belly touching the wall. Feel your toes touching the wall? Can you see your feet? No? Maybe it’s time for some belly dancing. Actually, if you can’t see your feet your belly has been dancing; that’s what it did on the way to the mirror.

Not funny.

Not at all, because if you’re in that shape, like Ted, who brushed it off with: “All the guys in my family are like this, including my cousin Dan, who died of a heart attack at 59”.


In fact, the reason why Ted’s twin brother, who bore that “family characteristic”, wasn’t there at their birthday dinner was because it was his kidney dialysis day, one of three he had every week. Hmmmmm…

Besides being a sign of diabetes and excess fat cells in the mid-section, this body shape is often one that harbours back pain as well.

So, what to do? Well you could start training for the Boston Marathon, or visualize doing that and taking a walk round the block this evening. Tomorrow night, amble round the next block as well, and the third evening, walk around the two blocks again. Fourth night, get a piece of paper and write a congratulatory message to yourself for the first 3 days’ accomplishments, and toast yourself with no—not a beer, but a glass of alkaline water.

Ted said he was continually out of breath the first 2 evenings, but the third , things were already a little easier, though there was quite a lot of belly dancing as he finished the lap around his neighbour’s property. He then started on the next thing I suggested, as he worked his way up to the seven other fun things I’d laid out for him on his journey to lose 20 pounds in three months. Will keep you posted on Ted’s adventure.



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