Corporate Wellness Programs

Your people ARE your business. Without them, nothing happens.
When absenteeism increases, profits decrease. It’s that simple!

Give your people the information & support they need to create & maintain optimal health.

Optimize Your Corporate Wellness, Now!

Why? Because it positively impacts your bottom line.

ist1_5774755-checkInnovative companies are run by enlightened leaders who know the importance of providing the best for their people, so, everyone wins.

Providing your staff with the information & support they need to improve their personal health is the investment that keeps on giving back to the health of your company.

You offer your staff the best information & support:
your employees are better able to give you their best.


To optimize corporate wellness, would you like to:

  • Prevent or reduce absenteeism?
    There is usually a silent toll being taking on the workforce: stress, diabetes, excess weight, heart disease and sleep deprivation. These stealthy conditions work slowly contributing to chronic disease and acute hospitalizations. A sudden hospitalization can be a huge shock to personnel and to your bottom line.
  • Eliminate the scourge of presenteeism?
    That’s where employees show up barely able to think because they should actually be sleeping off the ‘flu, not generously sharing it with everyone else with each sheet of paper they touch. Or, they are too sleep-deprived to push a piece of paper, let alone write on one effectively.
  • Raise the energy level of the team by overcoming one of the biggest threats to workplace health which is the place where diabetes meets obesity: DIABESITY?
    Diabesity is a fast-growing epidemic threatening to outpace other chronic diseases. And, it can be prevented and overcome! You can give your employees the information and support to change their health destiny. (Diabesity is fast-overtaking other chronic diseases as the scourge of the Health Care System.)And, of course, obesity is visible everywhere.
    Obesity is impacting your company in ways that are not always obvious. For example:

    • Obesity affects job performance levels.
    • Odds of obese employees being absent from work are 4 times greater than for those who are healthy.
    • Obesity accounts for more Disability days being accrued than ever before.
  • Increase the morale and energy levels of your staff?
    Stress, overweight, and other less-than-optimal life management strategies rob your employees of the valuable energy to contribute their full expertise and experience to work every day. And, of course, they pull the general morale down.

You can give your team the insights, support and solutions for optimal health through our education and coaching programs.

If you see your employees as:

• Valuable pieces of the corporate jigsaw
• Long-term contributors to the bottom line
• Potential concept innovators


How can health education & health coaching positively impact your ROI?

Current research shows that most people who know what to eat, know the benefits of exercise and know what they should be doing do not do it without follow-up and accountability.

ist1_5774755-checkHealth education gives employees the information they need to make informed decisions for optimal health.

Coupling current research, specialized knowledge and well-won wisdom, Jacquelyn Johnston, brings your staff the insights they need to make durable changes that will enhance their health and well-being, making them far more able to optimize their contributions at work.

Coaching ensures that there is a system to follow, with measurable results.

Research shows that, with the best will in the world, 90% of even well-read, fitness-aware individuals do not make the changes needed to achieve their stated health goals. And, that includes intelligent, successful professionals who routinely make correct business decisions for themselves and for their clients. Jacquelyn Johnston offers you and your team an accessible, practical system for creating and maintaining optimal health…and the results are measurable!

Coaching provides the accountability that improves the health of your people to ensure the health of your bottom line.

Jacquelyn’s programs educate and inform. The coaching that follows generates the implementation of the facts, strategies, skills and system to create optimal health. This small investment produces huge ROI.

Our “Health Care” systems are creaking at the joints. Yes, individuals need to take responsibility for their own health. But, if they are being sick on your time and your dollar, you lose.

CUT YOUR LOSSES DUE TO DOWNTIME. Start educating, coaching and optimizing health in your workplace now.

Call Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed, RCRT, Professional Health Coach & Speaker

If your answer is “YES!” to any of these next questions, Jacquelyn can help:

Do you need expert help to clarify your company’s personal health plan to lose weight and optimize health, especially when facing a challenge like diabetes, diabesity, heart or liver disease, cancer or stroke?

• Do you want a plan that continues to evolve as your team does, moving you to greater health, well-being and vitality?

Do you know you need an expert with fresh perspectives and the information, experience and expertise to meet your very unique needs over time?

• Do you know your team needs to be held accountable by an encouraging coach who understands them, their lifestyle and their desire to optimize their health?

Do you want to feel confident that you can sustain the gains harvested during the coaching period, so that maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes second nature?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you are ready to get the greatest benefit from a corporate health coaching program.

A professional Health Coach provides unique solutions and strategies, customized to your company’s needs, for improving its vitality, energy, health, weight, well-being and physical condition. AND, the support to optimize your success!

Call Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed, RCRT,
Professional Health Coach & Speaker

Ms. Johnston, as a health coach, has taught me a lot of practical and useful tips to keep fit and create health. Having been a health care professional for over 3 decades I have recently learned that my approach to my own health has been rather ineffective: the constant lack of sleep while doing shift work and the abysmal eating habits I have got accustomed to as a result of working on busy intensive care units, that is, not taking into account my lack of exercise… She is a great coach, cheerleader, and most important of all, one of the best empowerment teachers I’ve ever had. Her dedicated teacher archetype shines through. ~ Floriane. RN, London, U.K.

Jacquelyn says:

“Corporate Health Coaching means focusing on creating a laser-focused plan of action tailored around your company’s specific health needs, and developing a support relationship that fosters your success. My Health Coaching encompasses the areas of Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, Liver Disease, and their common denominator, Stress.

When you know you have extraordinary levels of expertise, support and encouragement, your team will be motivated to achieve their health goals. I will work with you and walk with you to achieve optimal health, weight and well-being. We’ll get the job done together!”

Coaching is a guilt-free, nag-free, 100% supportive zone in which your personnel’s health and well-being is the number one priority.

If your company is ready to achieve optimal health goals right now,
call Jacquelyn at 604.276.8673 now to discuss program options.


You are no doubt aware of the limitations of the health care system, which is essentially an acute care system.

What if your employees could adopt some lifestyle changes and create habits that make acute care a rarity?

  • Would it impact their insurance premiums?
  • Would it mean that physical presence means mental presence too?
  • Would it mean higher morale ?
  • Would it result in higher productivity?

YES, YEs, Yes and yes! Companies now recognize this and many have stepped up to the challenge by choosing Corporate Health Coaching. Join them and change your ROI now.

Why is Health Coaching so extremely effective?

  • Health Coaching works with the whole person. The coach makes the time to listen to concerns and ask tailor-made questions to help motivate clients to make changes.
  • Through Health Coaching, clients are supported & empowered to reach their highest levels of health.
  • Health Coaching helps connect personal values to the importance of achieving a healthier life.
  • The coach supports clients by tracking weekly progress and holding clients accountable for commitments.
  • The coach helps create and sustain the mindset needed to maintain lifestyle changes.
  • Clients work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for forward movement.
  • The coach provides additional resources, expertise and experience for making the healthy behaviour changes that are best for the individual. It’s personal!


Ready to create optimal ROI by helping your people create optimal health?
It’s an excellent investment with long-term, measurable results.


Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed, RCRT,
Professional Health Coach & Speaker