Insurance: Surprise Surprise!

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My friend Lynn (from yesterday’s blog) just called me, in a fit. “How can they do this to me!!!!!!” Lynn had been on her ex’s insurance, and she now had to apply for her own. It’s a weighty matter, so I’ll just get to the nitty-gritty. Lynn, as you know, has diabesity.

The insurance company with the best quote had asked her lots of medical questions, and wanted documents from her doctor about the extent of her Type 2 Diabetes. She had provided them with the necessary papers, but then realized she would have to pay a hefty supplement, resulting in a premium usually needed for someone much older.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Lynn had promised she would work on the weight. Not good enough! The insurance company said they would only look at reducing the premium when they had the proof she had kept the dangerous weight off for 2 years. That was when Lynn had a meltdown over the phone. (followed by a smoke in her garden) That was the reason for the plaintive “How can they do this to me!!!!!!”

Quite coincidentally, I have been speaking with several insurance agents recently, and it appears Type 2 diabetes is the biggie they look for. In Lynn’s case they were, in addition, looking at perhaps having to cover a heart attack down the road. And not so far down, at that.

So Lynn says to me:”I guess you’ll have to take me on as a client! I want to lose twenty pounds NOW!” Lynn actually wants to lose twenty pounds yesterday, and has forgotten she had told me quite nonchalantly a decade ago that she only had pre-diabetes, nothing to worry about. I guess there’ll be no more platter-sized waffles for the next little while.

If you know anyone in Lynn’s position, i.e. caught in the crosshairs of diabesity, I would encourage them to download the free report on the right side of this page, and get back to me. If you have any questions you are welcome to call or e-mail me.