Moms at Work

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I was reading an article in the Vancouver papers about obesity and work woes. Apparently, obese employees tend to miss more work and feel more job stress. Have you heard anyone talk about stress at work?

Just yesterday I was talking to a young woman, the mother of two, who is so stressed she didn’t know where to turn. From dropping off the kids at day care to picking them up in the evening, she was at a job that required her to be on her feet most of the day.

Once home, she was expected to do a “second shift”, with supper, chores, children and husband to look after. Sounds like a recipe for early heart problems.

In these circumstances she feels she has no choice but to pick up some fast food at lunch and wash it down with a soft drink: a habit that can soon lead to absenteeism, an unhealthy weight, pre-diabetes, and eventually, Diabesity.

Know anyone with a schedule like this? What do they do to maintain their health? My friend asked me what she could take for stress. What would you suggest? Have a look at the free report on my site, then do leave a comment on this blog. I’d love to hear from you.