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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. I’ve been wondering why, in the face of clear evidence, people stil let obesity take over their lives. Even when that extra weight is clearly a precursor of diabesity, which is the combo of obesity and diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, amputation…and more. At a seminar the other day I heard

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M. Ed, Diabesity Coach You’ve heard about portion distortion, and how it leads to waistline caution. You probably also know that you are what you eat. And drink OK, OK, now that we’ve got the clichés out of the way maybe we can get into your reflection in the mirror. If you walk

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Small wonder cancer’s been promoted to fisrt place in North America and other industrialised countries. We are toxin and sugar-ridden from childhood. What are we feeding our children to make them too fat to walk as early as age 5? THe high-sugar preferences feed parasites and otehr sources of cancer. How much will the health care system have to carry in 10 years’ time?

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach Did you see that a heart-warming news clip on TV today? The Children’s Bridge Foundation in Canada brought 10-year-old Vietnamese orphan Son Phan here for “extreme” health care three years ago. The Children’s Hospital in Boston has been treating him to remove a football-sized tumour on his face. Son

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach When you’re with friends and family do you often hear comments about the health care system? Do you hear people complaining that they only get to see the doctor for 10 minutes, and that the doctor asks that they only discuss one health issue per visit? I hear that

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach I added a new word to my vocabulary today. The one you see in the title. Turducken. Priceless. Here in Canada we do Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, and its history is somewhat different from that of the American one. The Canadian Thanksgiving is a day to

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