Walk your Heart! Diabesity Dominoes.

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach

So, you’ve got the meeting-point of diabetes and obesity. You’ve measured your waist and done the compared it to your height. You have diabesity. What now?

Did you walk yesterday? I mean for at least 30 uninterrupted minutes. If so, your heart is thanking you profusely for helping it avoid complications from diabetes. Every little bit helps.

If you didn’ t walk yesterday, when will you start? When will you help your beleaguered heart?

And what, pray tell, you may ask, has my heart got to do with diabetest?
The answer is, everything. OK , Let’s take a look at the domino effect.

You are overweight. You have diabetes. Your heart works overtime. You have insulin issues, your pancreas is struggling. When this happens the liver takes on an extra workload, as if its 500-plus jobs per day weren’t enough. Now the kidneys kick into high gear too, joining in the fray. Oh and incidentally, all these organs are now screaming for extra nutrients from the blood. Guess who does the pumping? You got it—the heart.

We started with weight compounded with diabetes; we ended up with the heart. And I don’t get me started on the brain—we’ll keep that for another day, if you don’t mind.

But,let’s get back to walking.

It’s too hot—you don’t go.
It’s too cold—you don’t go.
It’s raining—you don’t go.
It’s too foggy—you don’t go.
It’s too late—you don’t go.
It’s too early—you don’t go.
No one to walk with—you don’t go.
You don’t have the right gear—you don’t go.
You’re not in the mood—you don’t go.
What difference is it going to make anyway—you don’t go.

You now have 10 reasons not to help your heart.

Yet if you have Type 2 diabetes, you must have been told you can reverse it with lifestyle changes, the first of which is a regular exercise regimen.

Here’s something you might find helpful: if you go to the right of the page you can download a free report that gives you ten proven reasons why you must lose twenty pounds now. Go ahead, enter your details and download the report.

Then let me know if you find a reason that reminds you of something—for yourself or for a loved one.

You’ve only got one heart. It needs your support. If it were a matter of your kidneys, you could say –what the heck, I’ve got two of them; if one of them goes, I still have the other. Sure. Hey, that also applies to your eyes, your ears and your legs or arms. After all, some parts of your anatomy can be considered disposable, right?

Diabetes affects every one of them. It affects your limbs, your eyes, your nerves. So does excess weight.

Feel like getting vertical now? Let me show you how. Please read yesterday’s blog.


Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
Professional Health Coach and Educator,
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Richmond, B.C. Canada