Wedding Diet—HURRY!

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That was quite a phone call yesterday. “Jacquelyn, this is Kathy! Ben’s getting married in June, and I need to lose twenty pounds yesterday! Put me on the right diet!”

My friend went on to say that she did not intend to be the only overweight woman in the wedding pictures, especially as Mother of The Bride, she’d probably be in the front row in all of them. Diabesity and all. Not exactly something to look forward to.

Four years ago, when I hinted to Kathy that her Type 2 Diabetes could be brought under control if she shed a few (20+) pounds, her response was yes, but she had to get this reno done first, then go to Ben’s graduation from medical school, then go visit her daughter in Oregon to see her new grandchild, then plant her new veggie garden…

Funny, isn’t it, this woman thing that drives us to take care of everybody and everything until a crisis hits us between the eyes? Kathy has been carrying on for years, knowing that she needed to release those pounds, but it was always more important to meet the family’s every need than fact the prospect of a heart attack with the accumulating weight.

It’s not that I hadn’t explained to Kathy over coffee four years ago that diabesity could lead to a heart attack, and that in fact 80% of diabetics die of it, it’s not that I hadn’t gone over her food patterns with her and given her all the tips she’d asked for—it was just that she’d had no time to shop properly, and that the family insisted on boxes of nutritionally bankrupt food and she’d happily gone along with it. (Sigh!)

This time I had to say OK, Kathy, so yesterday was April 10, and the wedding’s scheduled for June 21, the first day of summer. Yes, Kathy, no problem I could in fact show you how to lose twenty pounds by then. Trouble is, I’m not big on murder.

I could hear the clunk as her jaw hit the floor. The flurry of the pre-wedding activities is usually stress enough for someone in the best of health. For someone with diabesity? Not exactly the best scenario.

I told Kathy what we could do, but twenty pounds+10 weeks+diabesity would not be a safe thing to attempt. My program is a twelve-week one for a reason.

What would you have told Kathy? I asked her to (finally) download my free report –the one on the right of this page. I invite you to do the same, then put a comment on this blog telling me what you would have suggested to Kathy.

Watch this space! Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the “bright” idea Kathy’s came up with in today’s call.

See you on the next blog.