Kathy’s “Bright” Idea

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M. Ed. Diabesity Coach

If you read yesterday’s blog you will recall how Kathy called me to ask for the magic diet, one that would take care of her diabesity and make her lose twenty pounds in five weeks. Oh, yes, a diet that would make the weight that took a decade to accumulate go “poof” and disappear like magic in five weeks.

Her son was getting married in June, and she absolutely had to shed the weight plus get the diabetes under control before the big day. She wanted to look good in the wedding pictures.

Those who read the blog also know my answer; it was a José classic. (No way).

Kathy had made up her mind that she needed to lose the weight, and that dieting was the way. Little did Kathy know that I had a couple more plans up my sleeve.

So, no wonder that a second call came, saying she had already started dieting, that she had already taken the initiative and juiced six vegetables for breakfast, and was going to have a salad for lunch, and had signed up with the gym. I told her to be sure and make an appointment with her doctor for the next day, as she would keel over by Day 2.

You know, weight is something like an iceberg. What you see houses a story that you have to look under the water to see the rest of.

Weight loss, to be permanent, has to address what’s under the water as well. If you don’t, my dear Kathy, you will probably slice off a few pounds in the first little while, only to have them sneak back in through the back door. And you can’t just sign up at the gym. You need to know whether the gym is even the right thing for you.

I need to look at your medical history, have your doctor’s release, and address what’s between your ears while leading you through the program safely. “Goodness me, I had no idea there was so much involved!” Yes, Kathy, there is. This is a serious decision, and we both need to take it seriously.

If you want to know how seriously, do download my report on the right side of this page. Questions? Feel free to send them my way as well. You have plenty of space for them in the box.