Weigh Bigger Than You Think

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. RCRT

You know how when you have a parade going down the street there are huge banners announcing the name of the float, or the band, or a regiment? Well the same thing happens when cancer declares itself.  There are announcements that say it’s coming.

One of the clearest trumpet-calls is weight.  Too much of it.  Now if you’ve been reading my blogs on diabesity you know that it’s the forerunner of many bad things.

One of them is cancer. 

If you’re overweight you are laying out the red carpet for diabetes, and an even redder one for cancer.  In fact, one of the best ways to remain cancer-free is to be the right weight.  And how do you know you’re in the right range?

Well, will you try something, please?  Get a tape measure.  A flexible one, not one of those you get from the hardware store that spring right back into the case. 

Step 1.  Stand against a wall in your bare feet and make the tiniest pencil mark on the wall where the top of your head is.  Done?   Good.  (Make it a light mark, please.  You’re going to erase it later).

Next, measure your height in inches, or in centimeters, if you’re in Canada.  Write down the number.  Done? Good.  Now divide the number by 2.  Use a calculator if you like.  Got the answer?  Please write it down.

OK, step 2 now.  Measure your waist.  Don’t stretch the tape. Let it circle your waist, on your bare skin, nice and easy, and get the measurement.  In inches if you used inches for your height, in centimeters if you’re in Canada.  And yes, please write it down.  Done?  Good.

Math class isn’t over yet.  Is the number in Step 2 bigger than the number in Step 1?

If it is, you might want to get to work straight away.  It means you’re overweight.  It means you’re paving the way to cancer, diabetes, diabesity, heart disease, LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, COPD, and many other chronic conditions.  Incidentally, every one of these likes company.  You buy one, you get one free.

Right now, the one I’d like to focus on cancer.  Why?  Fat cells hold toxins.  Lots of them, and keep them in the body.  Too many toxins and you’re headed in the cancerous direction.  Maybe not tomorrow morning, but then the red carpet’s unraveling.  That’s the nutshell version.  For the full version, e-mail me.

You may choose to do nothing, and say it won’t kill you. 

On the other hand, you can hit the gym. Or, better still, you can call me for a free consultation.  We’ll have a lot to talk about.  Real soon.  And a lot to do to keep you healthy and, for that matter, alive.  It’s a weighty matter.

 You’ve got a lot of living to do.  People you love are waiting for you.

See you cancer-free tomorrow, I hope.