Fat Cats

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There they were, sitting on the sunny porch both of them, one resplendent in golden stripes, and the other ebony with white socks, the picture of contentment and feline disdain. When Tiger condescended to walk across the room his ample paunch nearly brushed the floor. I laughed when Oreo made three attempts to jump onto the sofa.

That was at Marty and Jen’s house in Downtown Vancouver, near the beach on English Bay, just a year ago. Both rulers of the house were in their 12th year, having adopted their humans when they were kittens. I mean when the mega-cats were kittens.

I went in to feed them for three weeks when Marty and Jen were on a South American cruise last year. Both furballs (and I don’t mean Marty and Jen) liked to be brushed, and rewarded me with purrs as loud as a lawn mower. Closed-eyed purrs from the depths of their 17-pound corporations.

Long story short…

Last week, Tiger emigrated to Kitty Heaven, way before his time, and Oreo has been at the animal hospital for 4 days now, with the same kidney problem that claimed Tiger’s life.

Long story even shorter, neither Marty nor Jen could figure out how their resident purring machines could get so fat. After all, they had fed them a scientific diet since they were kittens. They found out when Tiger went to heaven. The two cats were the darlings of the neighbourhood, and, unlike condo cats, roamed whenever they wished.

Naturally, the every neighbor thought it their divine right to improve the girth of the two felines, and so they grew wider and wider. That made them want to move less, and since they were such fun to have around they weren’t made to exercise all that much.

They paid for that with their kidneys.

They could have looked after their humans for many more years.
Diabesity creeps up on you just like that too. Eat anything that comes your way, become a couch potato, don’t give much thought to your future, and poof! There goes your future.

You wouldn’t want to discover one day that your pancreas isn’t functioning, that you have plaque in your arteries, that your cholesterol is off the charts, that you have back pain, plus arthritis in your knees, would you? Or that your chances of getting early Altzheimers is doubled, that nerve damage might claim your right foot? Need I go on?

Call me before it’s too late. I can help.


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