Cardboard Tastes Great!

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach

Do you sometimes see people spending more time at the supermarket reading labels than making purchases? When I went into the supermarket today I espied a woman who must have weighed 300 pounds walking in through the opposite door. Diabetic? A little weight in the way? High blood pressure?

We each went our merry way, and, I kid you not, twenty minutes on, we both finished shopping at the same time. While she was busy picking up her purchases I was at an impressive display of granola bars, challenging myself to find one that didn’t have high-fructose corn syrup. A marvelous diabetes factory.

Almond-cranberry, corn syrup; peanut butter raisin, corn syrup. Multi-berry flaxseed, high fructose corn syrup, cashew multi-seed, high fructose corn syrup, pumpkin seed raisin multi-grain, yep! You guessed it. Not to be outdone, the sugar content was between 11 and 16, and those that had dried, sugar-laden fruit had even more.

I had visions of all those pancreases screaming “nooooooooooooooooooooo”. And all those livers saying “Think I don’t have enough slave labour on my hands?”

A lot of those bars would have gone towards fuelling that three-o’clock slump, or a child’s snack, building a lifelong addiction to sugar, especially the refined type, and lots if hidden salt. In fact, there was a brand called “sweet and salty”. At the back of the store were a few attractive little wagons filled with cookies of every stripe, loudly proclaiming that they were TRANS-FAT FREE. Notice, folks, we DON’T HAVE ONE MIILIGRAM OF TRANS FAT. Fine. Let’s do a bit of reading here.

Yep! They were all made of enriched white flour, all equally enriched with white sugar, Many made with palm oil, some with margarine. Quit already, I heard myself saying. So I moseyed over to the checkout, whole pineapple in hand, when I espied my friend again, in the next line-up. She had a whole stack of boxes—no meat, fish or chicken, not even the succulent roasters the store is known for. Just boxes. Granola, cookies—the trans-fat free ones, and crackers with enriched flour.

Now, was there maybe a smidgen of a chance she might be the consumer of said products? Might there be a connection between food choices and the size of her mid-section? Wouldn’t she have been better off eating the boxes?

I’d better rest my case. I wish I could have sent her to this page so she could download my free report. Do it, OK, then ask all your overweight friends to do the same. The nation’s health is at stake.

Choose well!


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