Station’s GONE NUTS!

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M. Ed. Diabesity Coach

Have you seen that amazing 4-minute video shot in Antwerp, Belgium? Now, if someone were to start that in every place where people gathered, I imagine it would make a serious dent in the Diabesity epidemic. No one would be overweight, type 2 diabetes would be given the boot, and our health care systems would heave a giant sigh of relief!

In case you haven’t seen this terrific video, you’ll find it on You Tube at “The Sound of Music @ Antwerpen central”. Wonderful! I watched it several times, and picked up some different reactions each round.

Over 200 dancers of different ages performed their version on “Do-Re-Mi” in Antwerp’s Central Station, to the consternation of people rushing to catch their trains. People were whipping out their phone cameras, a toddler was hoisted on Dad’s shoulders so he wouldn’t miss a beat, a woman in exotic garb just couldn’t resist tapping her toes to the rhythm, and contagious smiles quickly replaced the stress on commuters’ faces.

How did that come about?

A Belgian TV station looking for someone to play “Maria” put on the stunt to scout out the right talent. Bystanders caught up in the familiar melody clapped to the rhythm, and the sheer joy of those who joined in, whether cascading down the stairs or just milling around the dancers was unmistakable.

A perfect example of what exercise, in whatever form, does for you. It leaves us feeling wonderful, gives us a mood shift, and keeps our brains firing on all cylinders.

What if we each got a few people around us every morning, noon, afternoon, evening, whenever—and started dancing to “Do-Re-Mi”! I have a faint suspicion we’d catch the happy bug. And if we kept it up for a month, what do you think the possibilities would be? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s suitable for all ages!

The alternative is what made me write the report on the right of this page. Download it and see. Then do leave me a comment when you’ve watched the You Tube video.

Re, a drop of golden sun to you!