Catastrophe! Shortage of H1N1 Vaccine!

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Do you remember Chicken Little’s answer to the other animals who wanted to know where she was running off to so fast? “Oh, dear, the sky is falling! I must go and tell the king!”

Now imagine Chicken Little, Ducky Lucky and Turkey-Lurkey all showing up at the palace at the same time. His Majesty King Fixitall is out in the garden walking his pet Weasel Belette, noticing with delight how the glorious sunshine has made his roses grow bigger than his personal jewelled finger-bowl.

As you all remember, what had fallen on Chicken Little’s head was actually a humble acorn. When she arrived at the palace she demanded with an almighty cluck that King Fixitall see her right away—and he did. King or no king, Fixitall had a reputation to uphold. Plus, he did not relish the thought of daily hen-pecking, (OK, groan) so he gave her an audience.

Now, as His Majesty did not have a PhD in psychology, and thus did not know how to remove the delusion from Chicken Little’s head, he just went along with it. He assured Chicken Little he would patch the hole in the sky above the coop. He also assured her it would not fall again, as he would use his own Royal chewing gum—no less—to patch up the hole.

All was well in Chicken Little’s world again; she went back to the farm and chatted with the sheeple, who bleated their praise on her for restoring the social order.

And so it is with the sheeple, crying foul that the government has not got enough H1N1 Vaccine in spite of promises everyone would have been vaccinated by now.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is an epidemic that is already overwhelming out health care systems, and it isn’t H1N1. And it’s getting worse. 1 in 5 Canadians is already struggling with diabetes, and the weight of the nation is turning it into diabesity, which is where obesity and diabetes merge.

The same people who are looking to someone in authority to solve the vaccine shortage are looking for one thing to take their problem away. This is flu season—no one is saying the contrary. But we are getting indications that the H1N1 virus is thinning out. Let us not confuse flu deaths with those caused by pneumonia, which is what kills people in much greater numbers.

The ability to fight an invading virus is not dependent on one thing—in this case the vaccine. To begin with, I wonder if those who are clamoring for the vaccine have any idea what’s in it—neurotoxins and other attackers that are even more dangerous than the flu itself. Yesterday I heard on the radio that they have just brought out a vaccine without adjuvants, for pregnant women. You can figure that one out for yourself.

There will be smokers who will line up for the vaccine. There will be obese people. There will be the morbidly obese, dealing with diabetes and heart disease. Surely they do not expect the vaccine to protect them (or anyone, for that matter) from the army of flu bugs that are apparently lying in wait for us? By the way, the army is already retreating, by all accounts.

A sense of proportion might help. And a sense of the fundamental choices we each need to make on a daily basis about our health. The real epidemic already in our midst is that of diabesity. I bet you know someone who has it. Suppose, just suppose all the Chicken Littles out ther would begin by drinking 6 glasses of oxygenated water every day. I’ll tell you what else you can do in the upcoming blogs.

To your health! The sky is NOT falling. And don’t bother telling the king. He’s too busy counting his gold. Drink up!


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