H1N1 or Diabetes?

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Interspersed in the current health care debate is the urgency surrounding the swine flu shots. This week, many journalists talked around the topic. Very little investigative reporting is being adjuvants and preservatives that are causing all the controversy, although as many neurological conditions occurred after the flu shot was administered in 1976.

Many are lining up for the shots because the media tells us that someone in authority has said they will save them from the swine flu. Are individuals lining up for the shots doing it because they are frightened people or duly-scared sheeple?

The death toll is in the thousands, we are told. Beware of inflated figures. Many deaths attributed to the swine flu occurred with individuals who had weakened immune systems. These individuals could have been felled by pneumonia or something similar like the regular flu bug, so let’s get a sense of proportion about this.

Is anyone in North America aware that large numbers of people in Western Europe are refusing the vaccine? And not only because of the notion some governments are making it mandatory. We need to educate ourselves.

No flu can be taken lightly, whether swine, human or bird in origin. But if you just go on the internet and see the number of deaths compared to the number infected, we are not looking at stats too different from those of the regular annual flu.

The really pressing problem in North America, and indeed worldwide, is diabesity. People with this disease are more likely to catch the latest bug of the week than people who don’t smoke, who eat right and exercise.

In the U.S. alone 1 out of 5 people have diabesity, and of those who have diabetes 80% are overweight. I don’t hear too many people screaming “epidemic!!!” when it comes to diabesity. This in spite of the fact that supermarkets are supplying patrons with carts so they can wheel themselves up and down the aisles, filling their carts with “fat-free” processed foods.

I just saw a video on my Facebook page about a doctor, a Professor at New York Medical School, who is doing a study on diabetics with no feeling in their feet. They are using magnetic soles; the Doctor is studying 1000+ of these patients to see if the dramatic improvements they report can be scientifically validated. One diabetic had feet that hadn’t been able to feel pinpricks or sweat for 3 years. 6 weeks into the magnetic sole regimen and he regained sensation in his feet. Had this not occurred he would have been a candidate for amputation.

Type 2 Diabetics roll out the red carpet for a host of other medical problems, including the flu, swine or otherwise. It is a lifestyle disease that can be treated with lifestyle changes such as the tired phrase “diet and exercise”. But what diet and what exercise? And what about other conditions they might have? How to factor all that into the bid for better health—indeed the reversing of the disease?

Your doctor is busy. You might get 10-15 minutes per consultation, but when did your doctor last talk to you on the phone, follow up with you on a weekly basis, analyse your diet, custom-design an exercise program for you? This is what a professional health coach does for you, and much more.

Suppose you start by downloading my free report from the form on your right. You will find 10 proven reasons why 10 pounds off in the next few weeks could improve your odds of avoiding amputation. Are you overweight? Diabetes is coming! Are you diabetic? Swine flu is coming! Let me know what you think when you’ve read the report, OK?

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