Diabesity, H1N1 and the Right Terrain

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Have you gone and bought yourself some of those masks? Not much use, I’m afraid, unless you’re looking after someone who’s sick and might cough all over you. Or for a short while if you’ve got a cough and have to go into a grocery store. They only work for 20 minutes or so, and you can contaminate yourself just by taking them off with hands that haven’t been sanitized.

So where do you go from there? No masks, you say, and an inadequately tested vaccine which contains preservatives we haven’t heard anyone declare safe, do I wait around to die?

Of course not. You don’t wait around, and unless it’s your curtain call, you won’t die. You do what my friend Lettie did. You get a month’s worth of foods that last. What foods? E-mail me for details.

Then you do the really important thing and make your body as strong as it can be. No, you don’t go out and get a pair of boxing gloves. You work on strengthening the terrain. One of the best ways to do this is the same thing you would do if I were working with you on your diabesity problem.

Now, let’s go back to the basics and look at the facts. I work with people who want solutions for diabesity, which is the combo of diabetes and obesity. To my friend Rick I say: here’s how the domino effect works for people whose muffin-top hangs over their belt.

Get rid of 5 pounds, you do your heart a favour. Your lungs will do the air-exchange more easily, your liver will cleanse the toxins from your blood, your pancreas will struggle a little less, and you will be less stressed. When you are less stressed you will generate fewer toxins and neutralize the ones you breathe in more easily. When your body has fewer toxins and more oxygen your immune system gets stronger.

OK, so now you’ve got a stronger immune system. Enter the H1N1 virus. You have more oxygen in your blood. Germs and viruses cannot exist in a highly oxygenated terrain. You are able to fend off the viral attack more easily. “Got it!” Lester says, as the light bulb lights up. How do I lose the next 5 pounds?
Check out a few facts on my website, where you can download a free report, then call me for a free consultation.

Stay virus-free!