H1NI Scares At School and Work

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You’d have to be blind to miss it. The local papers are full of it. The National papers are full of it. The media goes on about it. Mass inoculation! My friend Rhys, a single father calls me and asks do I think it’s even safe to let his kids be in school this fall: will they risk catching the Swine ‘Flu? Frances, manager of a food depot wants to know if her employees should take any special precautionary measures.

Goodness! If you go with what’s being said in print and on TV you might as well prepare to go into lockdown, stocking up right now with canned food, all kinds of emergency rations, bottled water, and boxes of anything you can pull off the supermarket shelves. Oh yes, snatch those masks off the local pharmacy shelves, fill your medicine cabinets, give every member of the family a bottle of sanitizer, and start quaking.

Hold it, folks! Where is all this panic-inducing hype about the impending worldwide Black Death getting us? Is the swine ‘flu is no worse than the regular ‘flu that comes round every year.
So far, we don’t know the vaccine that’s being ordered by the millions is even right for the strain of flu that is apparently going to hit us. It hasn’t been conclusively tested. I for one will not be the next guinea pig. I would need to know that there were no toxic preservatives such as mercury, that the live bugs in the vaccines aren’t going to multiply out of control inside me once injected, as has happened before in mass campaigns.

There’s plenty of documentation around, both in print and on screen, that there have been serious outbreaks in many countries as a result of mass vaccination: just google Polio and see what happened after the mass vaccination with the polio vaccine.

Perhaps a more helpful approach to health would be to heed the current epidemic—that of diabesity, the combo of diabetes and obesity. People with weight and diabesity issues combined have a much higher risk of heart attacks, kidney disease, high cholesterol (the bad kind), and myriads of other conditions. It’s the biggest epidemic in North America today, and indeed in all the industrialized countries.

If you have diabesity you have a much greater chance of being felled by the ‘flu bug, or any virus, for that matter. We would do better to look at the school lunches our kids are sent off with, or the lunches people eat in one workday. That’s where the urgency needs to be, because there are solutions.


Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
Professional Health Coach and Educator,
Solutions and Support for Optimal Health