Diabesity in the Workplace

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.

My friend Myles works in a third floor office and Sandra, in a second floor one. They had been working for the same company, and never met till one Friday evening after-work do two years into the job. Colleagues were nudging and winking so much Sandra and Myles had to ask why.

Turns out they were both the fitness nuts of their floor, drinking only water and getting up for stretches every half-hour or so, much to the amusement of their full-figured colleagues. Each went out for a brisk walk during the lunch break, exiting via different doors, and never meeting in the park near the office!

This last winter they were two of the few who did not take any sick days during the ‘flu season. Both got promoted last year over much weightier colleagues with similar qualifications.

I wonder if management had read the report that came out saying how obesity cost employers half their revenue. Could that even be true? Myles told me his friend at the large bank nearby had got hold of some stats. Without waiting for them to be verified he had started an exercise regimen at work.

Sandra had been doing the same, for different reasons. She had seen two of her colleagues taken to hospital in a stretcher from a heart attack at work, and had no intention of being the third.

Diabesity—the meeting place of obesity and diabetes—are costing people their jobs, the family time and their enjoyment in life. It is costing them in wrenched backs from pulling suitcases off the carousel at the airport, and bending down to pick up a piece of paper. For some, just walking to the photocopier was an effort that resulted in panting.

How long are we going to wait till we keel over? Do you know anyone like this? If so, please do them a favour and send them to my free download that you see on the right of this page, or print one out and give it to them, and ask them to call me. I’m concerned about the weight of the nation!

Cheers for now.