Scrumptious Chicken Nuggets

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Do you like trying out the foods put out in tester booths in the supermarket?

As I chatted with the lady doing the display yesterday I thought: goodness, do people realize that all that food in boxes is contributing to the national diabesity epidemic?

In the supermarket yesterday and the offerings were white pasta with white sauce, chips, hot cross buns made with enriched white flour and white sugar, washed down with those cute little cuplets of cranberry juice.

Today’s gourmet offerings included chicken nuggets coated with breadcrumbs from white bread, more hot cross buns, and cute little cuplets of cranberry juice. I couldn’t help thinking of celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver going into a school in London and demonstrating to the kids what exactly went into chicken nuggets.

Jamie skinned several pieces of raw chicken, fat under the skin and all, plopped the gooey mess into a measuring cup, then held it up in front of a grossed-out young audience. “This” he said, “is what goes into chicken nuggets!”

This was met with a resounding “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!” from the kids (who, as I remember from my teaching days, can always be counted on to say exactly what they think).
Jamie had made his point. Reconstituted chicken parts, skin, fat and heaven knows what binders: yay, baby, an Oscar in health food right there.

What do you think of this as a choice for your children? Or yourself? Have a look at what such things can do to you by downloading my free report on the right of this page. Then let me into a few of your menu secrets, OK?

Enjoy your dinner!


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