Diabetes Alert! 1 in 5 in Canada

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Do you have thick weekend papers? We do. I wouldn’t like to be swatted with the one we get on Saturdays. There’s enough in it to keep you busy throughout the weekend and beyond—which, I guess, is the object of the exercise…

I caught a glimpse of the front-page headlines in my Mom’s newspaper yesterday. It featured a picture of a diabetic parent with her child. And the One-in-Five headline.

In Canada, One in Five have Type 2 diabetes or Pre-diabetes; the latter aren’t even aware that they have it. In the U.S. two-thirds of the population is obese, which means there are millions walking around feeling somewhat off, but don’t now they have either pre-diabetes or the full-blown version. The diabesity rate is soaring.

This is happening at a time when many changes are happening in our health care system. The article said it would scuttle the health care system in a few years.
Now think for a bit. Does everyone rush off to their doctor screaming “Help!”? If you’re obese you should. Either way, consider this. If you’re overweight, or worse, obese, this stresses your blood vessels.

Excess weight affects how you feel, your immune system, the number of chins you haveIf the fat is in the mid-section, which it all too often is, it’s in the most dangerous part of the anatomy.

Next, if you’re obese and have Type 2 diabetes, or don’t know you have it, you can ignore it, but if you do you might end up in the amputation room sooner than you think. So, what to do about it.

I would say far and away the first thing is to go see your doctor for the tests that confirms your diagnosis. Then get the education, and in tandem with that, deal with the stress. Even with the best-managed program if you keep getting stressed about it, if you resent the adjustments you are now going to have to make because of it.

Goodbye processed foods, farewell supersized portions, au revoir skipped breakfasts—hmmm, sounds like a good plan for anyone, if you ask me. Diabetes can actually be a gift—a wake-up call telling us we can’t sit on the couch and eat preservatives without it having a long-term effect on you.

The second thing you need to do is decide if you want to live. If you do, you need to shave off a few pounds real soon. Like twenty, maybe? I invite you to download the free report to the right of this page—it will explain why. You might want to add a comment to this blog when you’ve read it, and tell me what you think the third thing is that you need to do to save your life.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re in Canada. I’m going off to marinate my turkey for tomorrow’s dinner. White meat or dark?


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