Thanksgiving- Diabesity alert!

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Is this a mega-eatfest or what! A restaurant ad here in Richmond shows a thanksgiving meal designed to send diabetics into alimentary shock. Could’ve been just to convey the notion of plenty, but I do know that many people do eat that quantity of food at one sitting.

That being said, do you notice in the papers the week after Thanksgiving about people bemoaning the fact that they’re as stuffed as the turkey? To my “How are you?” Lester from Ontario said: “Oh, man, I’m stuffed. I can’t move!”

Here’s a question: why do we eat till we’re stuffed? One of the reasons is that we eat too quickly. I used to marvel at how quickly teenagers were able to inhale their lunch in school. Adults in office or other work settings also seem to often see their lunch time as a necessary inconvenience to be dispatched as soon as possible so that they can resume work. That describes me exactly when I was still teaching in school, until daily indigestion drove me to make a few changes.

Lester also said his wife was encouraging him to go out for a brisk walk after dinner, along with a few of their guests. As it happens, the weather has gotten rather chilly all of a sudden in Ontario, so they decided against it. I’m glad they did, as heavy meals followed by brisk walks are a good prescription for a heart attack. Especially if you’re coping with weight and diabetes as well. Lester’s doctor had told him to lose at least twenty pounds.

If you read my blog in the last 2 days you will have noticed some encouragement to exercise. There is an optimal time for us to do this, and this time may vary for each diabetic, depending on a host of other factors. There are also optimal types.

When Sammie was discussing her intake form with me she asked me if she would do well lifting weights. I told her yes, but start walking first. (See the last few blogs).

For Sammie, as for most other people wanting to start an exercise plan, I always say that the first weight to lift is the remote. Lift it up off the couch and put it on the TV. If your TV unit has a door, close it. Then put one foot in front of the other and aim for the front door. Amazing what it will do for you over time. Even more amazing is that a specific schedule, designed for you bu your coach, can even help reverse your diabetes and conquer diabesity.

Really? Yes, Really. Got questions? I invite you to the comment section of this blog.

See you there.


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