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If you look at the blog I wrote a week ago, on October 7th, you’ll see a few ideas on World Food Day, on October 16. There, I mentioned a few local initiatives like the ten-mile diet, the Fruit Tree Sharing Project, and cooking from scratch.

You can always scroll back and read the blog and see how beneficial such things would be to anyone with diabesity, what with the exercise and fresh food that all this suggests.

I’m not going to talk about not wasting food because there are starving kids out in the African continent and elsewhere. And no, this is not an appeal about adopting a malnourished child in a Third World Country. What I want to see happen is diabetics taking charge of their own health. Especially if they have diabesity on top of it.

Earlier today Michelle Obama gave a highly amusing speech about how easy it is to slip into the tempting solution of fast food. She described how, tired after a long day at work, she had the hungry kids in the car and could not face the thought of cooking from scratch. They were ravenous, and as they drove home the neon signs signaling fast food restaurants on the roadside looked like Heaven! That’s Heav-EN!!!

Anyone identify with that?

Yes, there are times when this has great, great appeal, as you will see when you read my story, but the consequences are unmistakable. You expand. No two ways about it. Especially if you’re also quite sedentary. Alas, that is the first step down the slippery slope of diabesity!

Now, suppose, just suppose, with World Food Day just three days away all my friends with diabesity—and that includes you, would make a pledge to pass up all processed food and cook from scratch. Actually, it’s rather fun!. I do it all the time. Cook and freeze, then you have exactly what you want when you’ve just done a 5 pm commute.

Avctually, there’s lots of help out there. There’s a TV celebrity who specializes in cooking 30-minute meals. Whole, from-scratch, healthy meals. You could try that too.

Prove it to yourself that you can do it. Then share it with your friends. You could actually start a movement!

Happy experimenting, and bon appétit!

Do let me know what delectables you cooked up. Nothing like a mini-chef in the house. Enjoy!

Got recipes? I invite you share them in the comment section of this blog.

See you there.


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