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Wasn’t it awe-inspiring, to see two million people there, all sharing the common hope of a better future? Wasn’t it heart-warming to know that so many from all over the world were sharing in the same sentiment at the same time? The Inauguration closed one chapter of history and opened the next. A great feeling, a shedding of one way of doing things in favour of another, a new resolve to do it right, to keep the dream alive.

You could say the same for yourself if you have chosen to stand in front of the mirror with a vision of yourself at the right weight, making new lifestyle choices, shedding the choice of empty calories in favour of a healthier way of life that will affect yourself, your community, your world. What does it take? One decision. One vision you want to pursue, and a readiness to do things differently from this moment on.

And why would anyone want to make this kind of change–Shed some pounds? Some do it for looks, to fit into the six-pack male ideal, some do it to fit into a wedding outfit, a ball-gown, and others because they know that, in the long run, they will fill the boomer years with much more fun because they’re more flexible, more agile, less tired, and able to resist infection much better. Much evidence is coming out now in Altzheimer’s research that shedding unnecessary weight will enhance brain health and stave off Altzheimer’s. If you’re a Baby Boomer you’ll probably be quite interested in having a disease-free retirement.

I attended a fascinating presentation on Altzheimer’s recently, and the eminent speaker said “eat less!”. At a recent seminar on colon cancer the researchers said “Lose weight!” At another on mental health, “Exercise!” At a course on chronic diseases, “Exercise!” How much more encouragement do we need? How much more evidence?

Faced with the worldwide epidemic of diabesity, the excessive consumption of sugars like high fructose corn syrup that converts into sugar faster than you can say “sweet”, taxing the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys, the heart, what is still holding you back?

A health inauguration might just do the trick. Out with the way it’s always been and in with the new, fresh and healthy. If you’re ready, for that change, and want to know how to do it safely without subsisting on bunny food, I invite you to get my free report, above.

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