Diabesity in the Office?

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Are you in a chair a lot? If you are, diabesity could creep up on you.
Are you eating a lot of store-made lunches? Diabesity could be stalking you.
Are you stressed out by the time you get to work? Dying to say TGIF? Diabesity could be your evil twin.

I’m not trying to scare you, but there are some statistics out there. Diabesity is one of the biggest epidemics out there, and if you live on the American continent, someone you know probably has it. Someone you know could also be in the early stages of it and not know it.
So what on earth is the “Diabesity” thing? It’s simply the combo of excess weight and diabetes, and these twin monsters have a way of joining forces to do you in.

With the rush and stress of the workday it’s easy to make choices that fix an immediate problem, but end up helping you pile on those pounds and build up that sugar level in your system. You might be fighting that three-o’clock slump by reaching for the cookies in the drawer. Or a little trip to the office kitchenette, where you get a cup of coffee and throw in two teaspoons of white sugar. And so it goes. Before you know it, you find you’ve gone up a couple of sizes, sitting down more, feeling drowsy when you need to be alert, and wishing you were somewhere else. If this is accompanied by fatigue, it may be time to have your blood sugar checked.

Type 2 Diabetes, the kind most people develop gradually, and it’s often missed in its early stages, when it’s so easy to reverse. A good way of knowing whether to suspect it is to see if your height is less than double your waist measurement. Or, if you like, to measure your waist and see if it’s more than half your height. If it is, you might be heading for diabetes’ best friend, obesity. That morphs all too quickly into diabesity, which slows you down, gets you clothes that don’t fit, saps your energy and takes you on a downward spiral.

Want to know what else happens? There’s a whole chain reaction here that could end in something more serious than you’d care to bear.

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Here’s to a diabesity-free 2009.


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