Got Diabesity?

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.

Diabesity? What’s that? People ask me when I introduce myself. “Simply the meeting place of obesity and diabetes”, I explain.

Maybe you know someone who’s got it. That wouldn’t be too surprising, since I walked quickly down a mall the other day and counted 10 folks visible to the naked eye!

After shopping, I went over to City Hall to pay my utility bill. A woman who, at five feet nothing, must have weighed about 200 pounds, walked out in front of me. She was swaying deeply from side to side as she waddled to the car park, and I wondered what kind of job she did, and how she could keep her energy levels up in the middle of the afternoon. Also, I couldn’t help but reflect on how many more days she could go on working without collapsing from a heart attack. My health coach mind wandered to what she usually ate at lunch, and whether she spent any time after work looking after her own health.

I longed to tap her on the shoulder and say,

“I can help you—let’s talk”.

This woman was also panting, although she was taking small, unsteady steps. Could there have been heart problems as well? There was a pretty good chance she had diabetes. Put that and the weight together, and you’ve got Diabesity.

I wanted to ask if she knew her brain was affected by the load as well. But, of course, you just don’t go up to someone in the street and say such things. I could see all the ways in which life would be more complicated for her than it needed to be.

Does anyone you know fit that description? Do they know the condition can be reversed? Well, it can, but 98% of people can’t do it by themselves. I hear too many people telling me they’ve tried one diet after another, and always seem to return to where they started.

That’s where a diabesity coach can be extremely helpful. A great way to begin is to get a copy of my free report, Ten Proven Reasons Why You Need to Lose Twenty Pounds Now and read it to find the motivation to make change. If you know anyone in this predicament, send them to the free download at the right side of this page, ask them to read it and give me a call. Time is of the essence.