Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss

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Marcus tells me he can never sleep straight through the night. Two years ago he was undergoing prostate treatment, so it was sort of expected. That is now history, so he’s wondering why he still wakes up feeling he has just run a marathon, and feels stuffed up on top of it.

He’s been sleeping in the spare bedroom for a few months now, as his snoring’s been keeping his wife Helen’s up. She’s also been on at him to lose some weight, at least the 15 pounds he’s put on in the last few months.

Marcus wanted go on a diet, but I suggested Marcus get tested at the sleep clinic first.
Although his steadily-increasing weight was a problem it didn’t bother him as much as the fact he was dozing off at work. Has this ever happened to you?

Many people don’t realize it, but sleep apnea not only makes you tired during the day. At night, it sometimes makes your brain forget to tell you you have to breathe. During the day your brain can then mix up the signals it’s supposed to give you, say, to tell you when you’re full. This could result in overeating, which in turn leads to other complications such as weight gain, diabetes and an increased chance of heart failure.

Once again, you can see where there’s a disease pathway in any disorder. So if you’re usually not sleeping well it may be time to see your doctor about it. You don’t snooze, you lose!

Some people wake up one day and find themselves dealing with diabesity as a result of ignoring signs of sleep apnea. I hope this isn’t you. If so, do what Marcus did and see your doctor about it.

This week, every physician in B.C., Canada has been given a brochure on the ramifications of sleep apnea. Ask them about it. If you live elsewhere, ask them about it too.

If you have it, and are gaining weight, do download my free report on 10 reasons why you need to lose twenty pounds now. You are also free to call me about this. You don’t want to end up with diabesity from lack of proper sleep. You can also let me know what your concerns are in the comment section below.

Sweet dreams!