To Diet or Not To Diet, That is the Question

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Did you watch the Larry King Show this evening? It featured Oprah and her well-publicised struggle with weight. Dr. Oz, Michael Beckwith and Bob Greene, Oprah’s wise trainer, jigsawed their areas of expertise on obesity: in a nutshell, it’s not about weight loss—it’s actually about a change in your way of life.

At this time of year it’s clear from what we see, hear and read that many people are thinking about their weight. Right now, there is an interesting experiment being carried out in a Northern community in Canada, where Diabesity has reared its monstrous head. Some of the women were so obese they could barely get out of their chairs. Layer upon layer of double chins impeded their very speech. One member of the community was shocked to see that he had joined the ranks of the majority in being told by his doctor that he had Type 2 diabetes. Totally horrified, he immediately changed his diet, reversing his condition in short order. He then offered his services to anyone in the rest of the community who wanted to improve their lives.

Result? There is now a Government-sponsored university study being conducted there, with a nurse in attendance who checks the participants’ blood sugar regularly and gives nutritional advice. They have also changed their diet to reflect what their hunting-fishing ancestors once ate: seafood and fish oil, hunted meats.

Participants in the experiment have made one especially significant change: they have eliminated bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, even brown rice, and substituted cauliflower in its place. Many thought, at the outset, that the food would be bland and blah, but were pleasantly surprised to find it delicious, something they looked forward to eating. Gone were the fries and processed carbohydrates. They were eating the proteins their forebears used to enjoy, whole foods that had not seen the shadow of a processing machine. And they’re improving.

This is the power of one. One little strategic change is already making a difference. Might that be a good idea? Better still, an idea to try today? Imagine what would happen if , for a whole week—well no, let’s make it three days—we stopped consuming bread, potatoes, rice and pasta, and had cauliflower instead. Suppose we kept all the proteins of our choice and had generous helpings of cauliflower. And suppose this experiment spread all over the continent, and suppose we all kept it up for a month. What do you think the result would be? Hint: you’ll find some of the answers in my free report, which you can download from the link on the right. You can let me know what you think by writing a comment in my blog. Feel free to contact me as well, at the address listed below. One little change a day…call me to see what other changes you can make, how you can make them, when and why.

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