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This year many people on the North American continent have been attending Snow University. Places with normal amounts of snow got more, places that usually get away with one mild snowfall a year got so much they were housebound. We learnt how to recognise the signs of impending snow: a ceiling of dark, low clouds, biting temperatures, and a compulsion to go home and wrap our hands around a mug of hot chocolate.

As with snow, there are signs that diabesity is looming. There are signs in the body that tell you that some lifestyle habits are leading to diabesity. For instance, if you check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and you are above 25 something could already be looming. If you smoke, if you have a habit of eating at night, especially past 7 pm, and especially carbohydrates, you might want to take a look at your nutritional choices. If you eat less than 5 servings of veggies a day…hmmm. And if your waistline measures more than half you height, time to see a coach. See what I mean?

How about sleep: are you getting eight hours? No? Don’t be surprised. Most inhabitants of the North American continent don’t either.. And when are you getting your sleep? (Oh, dear!) The average in our under-rested nation is six hours. Six out of twenty four! Do you know the implications? You never give your liver a chance to rest, so you have problems with sugar storage. Now you know the chronic disease that screams “Save me from sugar!” Do you pant just walking down the street? Aha! Heart working too hard, maybe? There are implications for all the other organs here. Do you snack on processed foods? Fried ones? Do you heat up a lot of ready-made dinners, with all their hidden sugars and excess salt? Does the bread you eat have enough fibre…or none at all? Do you load on a sugary dessert or any dessert commercially made after a perfectly adequate meal? Do you drink commercial juices out of bottles or boxes? All of them contain too much sugar, and do you really need them?

What about those clothes: been shifting that belt a hole or two or three recently? Or have the sizes gone north, taking you by surprise. Do you do resistance training? No? Then guess where those carbs go—not to your muscles, I suspect.

So you see what I mean: if your lifestyle habits could use a bit more thought, perhaps the time has come for a one-on-one look at the direction you’re going in. Many people play host to pre-diabetes for fifteen years before being told by their doctor they have diabetes. Do not think that the 800-pound gorilla will go away because you tell yourself it isn’t there. You could be in for years of finger-pricking several times a day, at a time when you HAVE to adjust your diet and deal with weight that takes ages to shed. You could wake up one day with full-blown diabesity. Why wait till then to discuss it with a professional? There will be more than ten related issues to deal with then.

Do you really want to wait till that happens, till diabesity comes thundering at your door?
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Talk soon:it might be an idea to keep diabesity at bay!


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