The Magic Bullet for Weight Loss

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach

That’s right, “drink this, and watch the pounds melt away”. Or “This one little magic pill twice a day will do it for you. Watch that waistline shrink!”

Yes folks, and my name is Santa Claus.

Many people with extra flab entertain the comfortable myth that there really is a magic pill. Any idea where they got the idea from? Nor have I.

Now if you’re Alice in Wonderland you can take a bite out of a certain biscuit and shrink to the size of a mouse—then another and you can recover your original body size. Ah…what fun!

Today, however, there’s no such deal. Even Star Trek will only allow you to vaporize, not change in size. I guess it’s been a fantasy mankind’s had since the beginning of time—played out in our favourite fairy tale characters like Tom Thumb and Tinkerbell, and, in our day “Honey, I Shrunk (correction:shrank) the Kids”.

Sorry, but we’ve got to get real here. What is it you want: to have a more desirable shape, one you’ve envisioned by imagining yourself like one of the airbrushed stars in the glossies? If you’re just looking to lose weight you might get there, but if you want to keep it off, try “health” on for size.
Think of this:your skeleton is only designed to be draped with a certain amount of muscle and fat—especially fat. Go over the intended amount and you affect every organ in the body.

Many who are overweight don’t know (because they can’t see) that there’s inflammation all over the body, and the first place they need to look is inside their blood vessels. Wouldn’t it be great to have CTScan vision, where we could look inside our bodies in three dimensions? Just go on-line and look at the cross-section of a blood vessel. It’s a fairly common picture these days, an enlarged blood vessel with gobs of yellowish cholesterol blocking the flow.

Well, if the arteries are blocked like that around your heart, maybe you’d want to take your thoughts up to your brain, where the same thing could happen, and frequently does. When the clogging gets too heavy you get a stroke. No pill will sweep it out. Not a magic one, not a 3X a day one.
It’s time for a lifestyle change, my friend.

You may not feel bad yet, but you will when that ambulance is piercing the city with its siren and you’re strapped to a stretcher. Hope this never happens. How to make sure it doesn’t?

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