Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop You Drink

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Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed. Diabesity Coach

You and I are mostly water. In fact, we are approximately 67% water. If you don’t maintain this level of hydration you will get symptoms you won’t like. Simple as that.

So, of you need to lose weight because you have diabesity, i.e. obesity and diabetes combined, you need to drink more water. If you don’t have diabesity, drink more water. If you have diabetes, drink more water. If you are obese, or simply overweight, drink water.

Now, if you’re like a lot of people I know, you’ll say: “What do you want me to do? Go round gulping like a fish?” No, not at all. Rather, go round gulping like our ancestors who drank at every stream they could find.

Now, let me tell you something you won’t believe.

I suggest you think it over, for, say two months, then come back and read this blog again, and see if you’re any further along the yellow brick road to the land of belief. Ready? Here goes: most people who have diabesity don’t drink enough. If they did, they’d probably weigh less and they would not have to deal with the ravages of diabesity. Oh yeah, if it were that simple there wouldn’t be any overweight people around. Yes, exactly. So when are you going to start drinking? You want to lose the weight, right?

Well, if I’m gonna start I hafta know WHY.

OK, so I’ll tell you why. Your blood moves around your body—if you’re lucky. And to help it move, you need water. Lots of it. While your blood’s trying to move around, to interesting places like your brain, for instance, it needs to be carried along, and water does it rather nicely.

As water helps things along it grabs any toxins you may have taken in, like the exhaust of the No. 98 bus, the smoke that wafts over from your 3 neighbours’ barbecues, the chemicals that were sprayed on your cheesies to make them yellow, the artificial colouring in your hot dog, the the blue dye in your sports drink, the 11 grams of sugar in your-hem-healthy granola bar, the chlorine in your shower…need I go on?

If these toxins stay in your body you liver works overtime. When your liver can’t handle any more, fat cells to the rescue! They wrap themselves round the toxins to protect you, and take up residence in your belly. Yep, that’s the main reason people get fat in the abs.

But you don’t have to believe me. Let this sit for a couple of months, while you take up water-drinking, then read my blog on the omentum and come back to this one. If you haven’ t lost any weight by then, call me. I’d love to help.

Start a love affair with H2O.



Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
Professional Health Coach and Educator,
Solutions and Support for Optimal Health
Richmond, B.C. Canada