Weight, Diabesity and Executives

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He sat next to me at a conference last week. “Do you think I’ve got diabetes?” Then, lowering hos voice, “The doctor says I have to lose 50 pounds—er—to begin with, that is”.

“Sean”, says I , “I don’t know. Your doctor does the diagnosing”. When you’ve got all your tests done, listen carefully to what your doctor says, then bring me the printout and we’ll see.” Sean wanted to know if this might be a death sentence.

After all, at 46 he had just been promoted to senior vice-president of his company, and he’d need to do some travelling, more presenting, and much socializing, The many dinners also meant many drinks, and as he had “no time to exercise in the morning” and couldn’t fit it in anytime except occasionally on weekends, he didn’t see how he could possibly lost that weight.

“Sean”, says I , “if you think you can’t, you’re right. And if you think you can, you’re right too. How important is this to you? What do you think could happen to you six months, a year down the road, if you don’t start losing some weight now?”

He worked on the delectable poached salmon almondine as he thought. Maybe golf would do it. Maybe if he played twice a week…

“Look, Sean, why don’t you go home and think about it, get your test results, discuss it with your wife, then decide if you want me to work with you on it?”

Sean already knew from his last tests that his cholesterol was high. He had high blood pressure, was frequently tired, had several aches and pains in his joints, and an impressive muffin-top. His wife had had to get him a whole new set of belts.

How was he going to handle his new responsibilities? Did he know what was inside that expanded midriff? Dinner time was hardly the optimal place to discuss it.
Sean had many indicators of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of disorders that included many of the symptoms he exhibited.

Sean would need to get the first 20 pounds off as soon as possible for his own sake, and he would need to lose the next 20 if he wanted to make “President” any time in the near future. I suggested he give me a call that week to book the free 30-minute consultation offered on my website. He agreed.

Go ahead an book one for yourself.



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