Wow! One in Four Kids in Canada’s Overweight!

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.

Did you watch the news today? I’m surprised it was news that one in four kids in Canada is overweight. It’s higher in some other countries. We have had nearly 20 studies documenting the effects of 20 minutes of exercise every school day.

Yet the results of these findings indicate that the time does not help reduce obesity, and soon, diabesity, in children (We know the numbers are going up). Why do you think this is so?

Teachers note that the activity significantly improves test scores and general learning ability. So what’s the missing link? Could it be that when children go home they are allowed hours in front of the rectangular baby-sitter? Could this be responsible for extra weight in kids?

Could it be that little or no exercise is done as a family? Oh, I know this doesn’t apply where your family’s concerned, but I bet you know some kids who don’t ever do any exercise with their parents, be it cycling, ball games or just walking.

And what about those kitchen cupboards? What kinds of make-believe foods pass as snacks? How many processed items are readily available, not only for snacks but as actual meals? Oh, I’m sure you all cook from scratch, and there isn’t a single cheesie darkening your doorstep.

With parents working longer hours it’s not surprising that bringing home fast foods or ordering in pizza has become more than just an occasional event. I wonder if some meal planning mightn’t be an idea?

What else do you think families could do to ensure their kids don’t become another national diabesity statistic? Do let me know in a comment. You can also download my free report on the right of this page.

To the health of your family!