THe “Shake and Starve” Aproach to Weight Loss

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© Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.

Have you tried every diet under the sun? I have only done one in my life, by following a shake-and-starve program. Didn’t enjoy it at all, as it made me imagine I was hungry when I had no time even to be hungry. I kept it up for a week in school, by design, so that I wouldn’t think about it.

Turned out to be a crazy week, with staff meetings and sports events during the lunch hour every day. I wasn’t trying to beat diabesity or anything, I was just trying out a product to see how I would feel.

Although a good experiment in which I lost 6 pounds, it was a stressful week. The only good thing was I was the only teacher who arrived at each meeting 5 minutes after the bell, having already had lunch, rather than sandwich in hand.

That suited the kids fine, as the first thing they say when they see their teacher at an outdoor event is always “Can you hold my watch, my iPod, my phone—but don’t show it to anyone, my ring, my house key, my change…”

For those of you who have tried everything, how did your diet experiments go? I say that in the plural because most have tried pill and potions, patches and lotions, and, as a Health Coach, I’m curious how it all went for you. How many different ones did you try? And do you have any advice for others going the same route?

Also, as a health coach, I’m wondering what your reasons are for losing weight. A wedding? A class reunion? Something more personal? Do share. Plenty of room in the comment section for that. Meanwhile, feel free to download my special report from the right of this page.

Actually, you can quit experimenting and call me. You can get a free 30-minute strategy session on my site. Hope to shake your virtual hand soon!

Ciao for now,