Diabesity and Swine ‘Flu

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Friend Lynn of the no-exercise club calls me from across the country. “So, what’s the deal with swine ‘Flu?” Her son had booked a trip to Mexico with his graduating class, and Lynn wanted to know if she should let him go. Some of his buddies were backing out.

Look, Lynn, if you’re at the beach and the lifeguard puts up a sign saying sharks are in the water and they are swimming dangerously close to shore, would you still jump in and swim?


Now Lynn works in an office where her friend Gary had just got back from Mexico. Geary is now so scared he’s become Mr. Handwash King, and is telling everyone at the office they have to scrub, scrub, scrub! Lynn actually went round with Gary and a large can of Lysol wipes, disinfecting every doorknob in sight. A great start. Lynn wanted to know what else she could do.

I suggested she stock up on veggies and fruits. If the swine virus does spread, people will have to quarantine themselves at home, so it’s wise to be prepared. Now, Lynn had a bright idea. Maybe this would be a good time to lose some serious weight, as her daughter’s wedding’s coming up, and the plans she’d had to lose twenty pounds before for the June wedding had (sigh) to be put—er–on hold– on account of the pre-wedding preparations.

I told her yes, it would be good for the wedding, but even better as a buttress against the swine ‘flu. But how? Well, Lynn, if you’re overweight, the fat cells rush around swallowing up toxins so as to protect you from toxic overload. And where do most of the fat cells lurk? Why, around the mid-section, of course!


Yes, Lynn, really. So get juicing. There are many other reasons for losing twenty pounds now. Take a look at the report on my site: download it and read it. Go here now: www.losetwentypoundsnow.com



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