Woman Jumps onto Railway Tracks

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It was played every hour.

The unintentional suicide attempt I saw on the news this morning. For anyone who doesn’t watch the news, a woman jumped straight in the path of a speeding train, got sandwiched in the middle of the tracks. The train came to an emergency halt over her, but she walked away unscathed, aided by kind witnesses.

The lady was drunk.

As a woman, I’m sorry she was driven to that.

It would be easy to dismiss her as an insignificant crackpot, but there might just be a message there. Women don’t jump into the path of a speeding train for fun.
There’s a pathway.

A long history of choosing one method of solving problems. Let’s de-construct.

Screenplay #1

She’s unhappy. Feels a void. Chooses to take away the pain with a quick fix.
Hits the bottle, and maybe a couple of joints while she’s at it. Brain gets befuddled. She gets hallucinations. Listens to the inner voice that tells her to self-destruct. Life is just a cartoon. She’d be squished but will get up again. It’s easier to act without thinking. It’s too painful to think. The tracks look empty. Let’s jump.

Don’t judge her. Look at this.

Screenplay #2

She’s unhappy. Looks at the scales. 40 pounds overweight. Been shopping a lot in the last few months because nothing fits. Doctor tells her she’s heading for Type 2 Diabetes. That she needs to lose weight. Coupla months later, gets a diabetes diagnosis. Goes to the supermarket. Buys the usual tub of ice cream. You gotta have some fun in life. Picks up the usual fast food burger and fries on the way home. Forget the insulin. Nothing’s gonna happen anyway. Lands in hospital in a diabetic coma.

Don’t judge her. Look at this.

Weight comes with a gradual slide down a slippery slope. There are, of course, many paths that lead to obesity or even those dreadful pounds that sneak up on you. However, I’m talking about how it usually happens. Hey, all it takes is a hormone-laced burger, a serving of preservative-sprayed fries there, a super-sized soda to wash it down. This followed by a couple of smokes in front of the TV, popcorn and chocolate, then bed at 12:30 am.

These are all choices we make. Overcoming discomfort by covering up the symptoms, or dealing with it by analyzing it and finding a sure remedy. A scientific, personal and especially spiritual one. Most people can’t do it on their own. Even if they know a lot. Even if they read a lot, watch a lot and talk a lot.

Most people need someone to hold their feet to the fire, with a proven rock-solid plan. That’s what professional health coach does. She customizes a twelve-week plan that takes you from the danger zone to a longevity zone.

Want to keep denying it? It’s your choice.

Want to do something concrete? Start off by downloading the free report on the right of this page. Let me know in a comment what you intend to do. I’d enjoy helping you.

As I said, the choice is yours. Ready?


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