World Food Day & Diabesity

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If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes your doctor will no doubt have told you that you need to make some lifestyle changes. For the majority this would, for starters, involve losing twenty pounds.

But let’s not get into flights of fancy just yet. My question to you is, do you even believe that pre-diabetes, or “Syndrome X”, could develop into full-blown diabetes? That it can dovetail very quickly with high cholesterol, inflamed arteries, heart attacks, kidney problems, foot problems resulting in loss of sensation or amputation, blindness, and a host of other issues?

Do you know it can be reversed with lifestyle changes?

When I received an e-notice today about an event here in Richmond for World Food Day, I thought what a good opportunity for pre-diabetics, diabetics and those with diabesity to make a serious lifestyle change that will make a real difference to them even in the next 3 years. What a good time to try something new—if you’re ready for it, that is.

Here in Richmond several excellent initiatives have been launched in favour of going back to our agricultural roots. We have the Fruit Tree sharing Project, where produce is grown and tended by volunteers and given to those in need.

There is also quite a following for the 10-mile diet. Those who espouse the wisdom of this move do their level best only to buy produce from local farms. We have a number of superb ones within a 10-minute drive, and I have been stockpiling blueberries and cranberries for a couple of months now. One more bag of cranberries and my freezer will explode.

Now, I was just thinking, if each person with any degree of diabesity would swear off processed foods and go for the 10-miler, cooking from scratch beginning today, you would notice a marked change in how you felt even by World Food Day, which is on October 16.

I invite you to create an entry in this blog and share your insights with other pre-diabetics. I would love to hear from you, and try out your recommendations. If you have any from-scratch recipes to share, you’ve only to post them. I’m sure everyone will enjoy them.

Next blog, we can talk about starting an exercise program.

Meanwhile, bon appétit!


Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed.
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