Cowboy’s Diabesity

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Did you watch Dr. Oz’s show today? For those who couldn’t make it, a cowboy who had signed up for help agreed to be a vegan for 28 days. Dr. Oz offered Rocco a whole buffet of foods he could eat, and on trying the first item Rocco declared it “good!”

Quite a change from his usual T-bone steaks and fries.

Actually, his vital stats were there for all to see, Rocco had a severe case of diabesity. His blood sugar was 172. (Those of you with diabesity can compare these stats with your own.) His hemoglobin (red blood cells) were at a 9, when it should have been a 6. His waist measurement was 49 inches, his weight 265 pounds, and he had the telltale beach-ball abs.

Rocco explained that he hadn’t taken much notice of his health till he started getting back pains and knee pains. His weight was interfering with his riding, and indeed all the care he had to give his horses. Not surprisingly the horses were feeling it too.

What everybody noticed was that Rocco was an awfully good sport. He agreed to everything Dr. Oz suggested, even to substituting mega-steaks and burgers with a vegan diet. Dr. Oz promised to assign him a cardiologist, as Rocco was in the 97th percentile of people with diabesity, meaning he was at the highest risk level.

Dr. Oz asked him to hold 2 ramekins of pure fat while he held a third. That was the amount of fat Rocco was carrying around; the plaque in his heart was alarming, judging from the diagram projected on the screen.

All America was watching, Dr. Oz said, and everyone who could identify with Rocco was encouraged to follow in his footsteps.

If any of you have been doing what Rocco was—ignoring the Diabesity elephant in the room, you might like to follow his progress on the Tuesday show. Dr. Oz will be coaching him along and reporting on Rocco’s progress throughout the 28-day challenge. Anyone, not just diabesitics, can go on that diet. If you read my blog yesterday you’ll see a parallel with what Dr. Oz said. He was extremely concerned about Rocco.

I’m sure our cowboy friend will be true to his word— “After all, I signed up for it!”, and I’m sure we’ll see a much trimmer, far healthier Rocco in 28 days. Dr. Oz assured him his diabesity could be reversed. As can yours. Need details? Call me.


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