No Toes? No Probs.

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I’ve been wondering why, in the face of clear evidence, people stil let obesity take over their lives. Even when that extra weight is clearly a precursor of diabesity, which is the combo of obesity and diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, amputation…and more.

At a seminar the other day I heard that denial was the perfect system. Could it be that we humans set it up to help ourselves deal with issues we’d rather not face? That, by the way, was a rhetorical question.

Have you seen that prime-time ad on TV where a guy gets into an elevator only to find himself in the company of a talking gorilla—an 800-pound one, of course? For those of you who don’t watch TV, the gorilla knows his human acquaintance hasn’t got his retirement funds sorted out, so he tells him what would happen if he did, at the same time implying what would happen if he kept pushing it aside.

Well, it’s the same with diabesity—I speak on the topic and I also observe this in people I know. Rob weighs 250 pounds and has diabetes. The doctor told him he would get gout and lose his toes if he didn’t lose some of that weight and stop eating fast food every day. (That’s 7 days a week) Rob kept up his visits to the fast food outlet, and in 2007, lost one right toe.

It was a horrific shock, but at Christmas 2008 Rob had his second foot operation, and is now hobbling around with three toes on the right foot, and some of the toes on the left foot are beginning to turn colour. Know the connection between that and diabetes?

Rob is still chomping on burgers and fries, washed down with root beer, and often beer of the more high-octane variety, which he drinks like water. He’s been warned about heart attacks, but he jokes that his heart is well-protected by all his layers of –ahem– tissue. Wonder what’s in store?

Need we even wonder? What would you tell Rob is you had a chance? Take a look at my free report, which you can download from this page and make a list of 5 things if you can. Need further info? Feel free to contact me at I’ll be glad to give you a free 30-minute strategy session, especially if there are any Robs in your life.

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